Current projects and whereabouts

Parental leave

I’ll be away from the office on parental leave until July 18th 2012.


Back at the office after an extended vacation. Currently working on a submission for the *SEM Shared Task on negation detection.

Off to Santa Cruz de La Palma

I’ll be spending 7 weeks in Santa Cruz de La Palma in Jan./Feb., escaping the worst of the Norwegian winter.

Back to life on land

After 14 months of sailing, I’m now back at the University of Oslo, and this time as a postdoctoral research fellow. I’m currently teaching a course on Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Gone sailing for a year++

From summer 2008 to fall 2009, I’ll be sailing from Norway to the Caribbean and back again. See for more info and updates!

Thesis now accepted and available

As the PhD committee has now formally accepted my thesis, electronic versions (pdf+ps.gz) are available from the publications page.


YAY, I’ve now finally submitted my dissertation! And while I’m waiting to defend it I’ll be filling a temporary position as associate professor with the Logic and Natural Language research group (LNS) here at the informatics department (Oslo uni.), teaching an introductory course to AI and cognitive science.


In between my thesis writing I’m now also doing some MT-related development work for Kaldera, a new Norwegian NLP start-up by Lars Nygaard.

Thesis writing..

I’m currently trying to wrap up my dissertation at the University of Oslo, Department of Informatics. My thesis work forms part of the LOGON project, which aims at developing re-usable language technology for Norwegian–English Machine Translation (MT). The focus of my contribution is on building statistical models for ranking the target sentences produced by a natural language generator.